Treatment Philosophy

Your Guide to Gastrointestinal Health

Experience our unique combination of experience, technology, and a patient-first attitude.


    Since gastrointestinal disorders can create a great deal of worry, anxiety, and discomfort, Dr. Abousaif provides experienced, compassionate care that patients find reassuring. He looks forward to meeting you and guiding you to better gastrointestinal health.


    “I strongly believe that patients come first, and those who choose my practice should feel I address and answer their concerns and questions in a supportive way,” said Dr. Abousaif. “In my practice, I encourage patients to participate in their healthcare because I believe proper education is the foundation of good health.”


    Dr. Abousaif also believes in utilizing all the tools at his disposal for the patient’s benefit. That’s why he includes the latest technology into his practice and is specially trained in the most advanced non-invasive therapeutic endoscopic techniques to help manage and treat gastrointestinal conditions.