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Meet dr. alaa abousaif

Dr. Alaa Abousaif is a highly regarded gastroenterologist who, in addition to treating a full range of gastrointestinal disorders, specializes in colon cancer prevention and treatment, functional bowel disorders, and obesity medicine.


Dr. Abousaif has been a board-certified internist and gastroenterologist in private practice for nearly two decades.  In that time, he’s developed an outstanding reputation not only as a gastroenterologist but also as a caring and compassionate human being.

specialty areas

gastroenterologists orange ca, color cancer treatment

Colon Cancer
Prevention & Treatment

Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. As a leading gastroenterologist, Dr. Abousaif knows regular screening is one of the most powerful weapons in preventing colorectal cancer. Screening can also detect colon cancer early when it is small and easier to treat. Read more.

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Functional Bowel

Often thought of as an “invisible” illness, functional bowel disorder is an umbrella term used to describe problems involving the function of your stomach and bowels. Dr. Abousaif takes a three-pronged approach to treatment that includes managing stress, diet, and medications. Read more.

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Dr. Abousaif’s background in internal medicine and focus on disorders of the digestive tract give him unique expertise in caring for obese patients, especially as it relates to fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome, using a comprehensive, scientific, and individualized approach. Read more.

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Millions of Americans struggle to lose weight and keep it off. But stable weight loss results are possible. For many of his patients who desire to lose weight for good, Dr. Abousaif recommends his program Healthier You, which features the world’s fastest growing weight loss program, Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method. Read more.

gastroenterologists orange ca

Advanced technology and procedures

Dr. Abousaif firmly believes in utilizing all the tools at his disposal for the patient’s benefit. That’s why he incorporates the latest technology into his practice and is specially trained in the most advanced, non-invasive endoscopic techniques to help manage and treat gastrointestinal conditions.